Judicial and Criminal Record Certificate in Italy

This guide will explain how to make a simple online request, from your PC, for a Judicial and Criminal Record Certificate in Italy, and it can then be collected in person, or by proxy, at the Judicial and Criminal Records Office of your choice.

If you would like us to handle this, we operate throughout Italy. We can also translate and legalize it should you need to take it abroad. Contact us by email to international@multilex.it and a member of our team, who speak English, French and Spanish, will be in touch with you!

If the Italian State Authority is requesting the certificate, you can just present a self-certification, which costs nothing and has the same validity as that issued by the Public Prosecutor. Here is the self-certification form (in Italian), which you can download and compile.

1) Access to the online Service and choice of Office

First you need to access the online Service offered by the Judicial and Criminal Records Office at this link.

You can request certificates and extracts in any local Judicial and Criminal Records office within the state Public Prosecutors Office of every city that has a Court, except for those offices that do not yet offer an online booking service.

Remember that you can request the certificate from any Judicial and Criminal Records office, irrespective of where you live.

Take note: not all Judicial and Criminal Records offices have an activated online service for this type of certificate; you can only confirm this by making an application at the office of your choice.

The research function will help you to identify the most convenient office. You can search for an office in one of the following ways:

1) by selecting the province and the municipality
2) by selecting the office (where already known)
3) by selecting the region.

For example, if you are requesting a certificate to be collected at the Judicial and Criminal Records Office at the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, you could search by region. In the screen “Ricerca Ufficio Locale del Casellario”, at point 3 (“Ricerca per regione”), select “Lazio”. A page will open to search among the various local records offices and you should select “Roma” and then press “Conferma Ufficio”. Then an advisory window will tell you that your choice of office cannot be changed during the certificate booking process and you should accept by clicking “ok”.

2) Urgency, type of certificate and number of copies

Before being able to select the type of certificate requested, you must indicate whether or not you require it as a matter of urgency.

An urgent certificate can normally be collected on the next working day following its request. However, the timeframes (urgent or not) may vary from office to office, and this is sometimes indicated in the details of the individual office shown during the application process. To get an exact idea of the timeframes it is advisable to contact the office you have chosen in advance (even by telephone).

Once you have indicated the urgency, go to the section “Scelta del certificato da prenotare”. Here, under the option “Tipo certificato/visura” select the type of certificate required from the drop-down menu, from among the following:

  • Certificato del Casellario Giudiziale
  • Certificato del Casellario Giudiziale richiesto dal datore di lavoro
  • Visura del Casellario Giudiziale
  • Certificato del Casellario dei Carichi Pendenti

In addition to the type, you must select the number of copies required from the drop-down menu that opens next to the “Numero copie*” option. The option “Lingua tedesca” will always be marked ‘no’, except when the certificate is requested at the Judicial and Criminal Records office in Bolzano; this office does in fact provide the certificate in German, if required.

3) Fees, revenue stamps and relative exemptions

Making a request will entail some costs, whereas an extract is free. These costs are:

  • € 3.92 for certificate fees
  • € 16 per revenue stamp (one stamp for every two pages of the certificate)

If you need the certificate urgently you will have to pay:

  • € 3.92 for urgency fees

In certain cases, you will not have to pay either revenue stamps or certificate fees and therefore the certificate will be free, for example:

  • when you request a certificate that is to be exhibited in adoption proceedings, or workplace, compulsory social security, or welfare disputes;
  • it is to be exhibited in proceedings where the individual concerned is eligible for legal aid;
  • it is to be joined to a claim for redress in a miscarriage of justice.

Exemption from just the revenue stamps is provided for in cases listed in the table annex B of D.P.R. 642/1972 (in Italian).

In the field “Motivo esenzione bollo/diritti”, select the specific payment exemption case from the drop-down menu. By selecting the option “altro“, from the menu, you can also indicate a ground for exemption that is not present in the menu.

Keep in mind that if you are entitled to an exemption from revenue stamps or fees, you will have to present the necessary documentation as proof of that right.

Here are two examples of documentation to be presented in justification of an exemption:

  • for separation, legal aid, or workplace proceedings, you need to indicate the reference number of the proceedings;
  • if the certificate is requested by a private individual for the purposes of the statutory activities of an NPO, you need to present a declaration by the President of the organisation, attesting that the certificate is required for those activities.

Finally, click on “Aggiungi”. You will then be returned to the page with a table summarizing the certificates requested. You can add requests for other types of certificates by pressing “Aggiungi” and repeating the same operation as before. To continue with the request, select “Prosegui”.

4) Personal details and proxy/delegate

In this section, enter all the details of the person requesting the certificate. In addition to entering all the details of the identity document you can also attach it in digital format. Insert the email details of the applicant.

If you want to delegate another person to collect the certificate, you must enter the delegated individual’s personal details and those of their identity document (you can also attach it in digital format). You must also specify if the delegate (proxy) is also granted for affirmative deeds. If so, you will authorise the delegate to collect when the result of the certificate is positive, namely when it contains criminal, civil and administrative matters pertaining to the applicant.

5) Confirmation and result

Before proceeding to confirm, you will see a page summarizing the data you have entered.

After completing the security check (by typing the sum of the numbers indicated in letters) and ticking the privacy box, you can either confirm the request by clicking on “Conferma invio prenotazione” or edit the data entered.

After having confirmed, the summary screen, in addition to the data entered, will also show the booking number on the top left. On the bottom right, you can download the booking form that is to be presented upon collection, by clicking on “Download modulo di prenotazione”.

Then you will receive a confirmation message to the email address provided, containing the booking number and the details relating to the Judicial and Criminal Records Office where you will collect the requested certificates (including the office’s opening hours). All the forms compiled upon booking, including any proxy, as well as the sums to be paid, are included in the email message.

The booking request is valid for thirty days from the date of booking. The booking will be automatically cancelled if the certificate is not collected. Please note that you will not receive an email to remind you to collect your certificate/s!

If you wish to cancel your booking, the procedure is extremely simple. To make a cancellation, go to this address (in Italian) and enter applicant’s name, surname, tax code and booking number. You will also be asked to complete a security check, typing the sum indicated in numbers. After confirmation, the cancellation outcome, successful or otherwise, will be shown.

Note: You can cancel the online booking up until it is accepted by the selected Judicial and Criminal Records office.

6) Collecting certificates

To collect your certificates, you or your delegated individual, should go in person to the Judicial and Criminal Records Office selected at the start of the process. You should present the following documents:

  • the booking form received via email or the booking number;
  • a valid identity document;
  • in the case of a delegated individual, they should also bring, in addition to their ID, a copy of the delegating individual’s ID, along with the booking and proxy forms, signed by the delegating individual.

You will only be able to collect the requested certificates and/or visas after paying the stamp and/or certificate fee, except in cases of exemption. You can pay the certificate and urgency fees at the counter in the local office where the booking was requested. The revenue stamps on the other hand can be purchased anywhere and presented upon collection.

If you would like to delegate us to collect your certificate (which we can also translate and legalize), contact us by email to international@multilex.it and a member of our team, who speak English, French and Spanish, will be in touch with you!

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